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Benefits of Organization

I find that having things organized is a great time saver and stress reliever. Being able to direct my children to retrieve an item from somewhere in the house, knowing specifically where it is helps me to instill, in my children the importance of being organized. Organization takes work and in order to become organized you must designate a specific place for everything you want organized.

I find that limiting the amount of things I own allows me to be better organized. The less I have the less I have to organize.

By grouping things together you will find that locating them can be a lot easier. For example, we naturally group our dishes, shoes and linen. I carry the same method into other areas such as school stuff.

I have a shelf in my kitchen closet designated specifically for school stuff. On that shelf you can fins paper, pencils, pens, dividers, notebooks, crayons, etc. Whether someone’s backpack needs replenishing or one simply needs a pencil to do homework, they can all be located in the same place.

The linen closet is also an area that is often under organized and underused. We may find that our children don’t share our same passion for neatly folding linens and stacking them into the closet. Nevertheless, we must instill in them a sense of responsibility in helping to achieve order.

I don’t require that my children fold and stack linen simply because it looks good. They are learning to make the most of the space that they have by using it efficiently. We can fit more linen and other items into the closet when they are neatly folded and stacked. Not only can we use our linen closet for linen but for storage as well.

Our linen closet holds items such as but not limited to our surplus toothbrushes, bathroom tissue, cleaning supplies, deodorant, feminine products and much more.

Keeping thing neat and organized serves many purposes but the main benefits for my family are:

A~ Enables us to locate items easily

B~ Allows space for the things we want and need

C~ Teaches us good stewardship over our families belongings

D~ Sharpens logic and reasoning skills

Choose one area of your home and think of a way in which you could organize it differently so that it can work to better suit the needs of your family.

Be sure and visit tomorrow when I will share some photos of how I organize my linen closet.

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    I’ve been wanting to introduce my children to liver, would you mind sharing your recipe. Do your children like it?



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