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Jan 2, 2009 Shopping Trip $13.95


16 Garnier Fructis Products @ $2.19 ea.
2 cookie cutters $0.08
1 cookie cutter $0.12

-$2 WAG q x 16 took off $32

$3.04- $1/1 Garnier Fructis MQ

Total Value: $35.04
Paid: $2.79


Used $4, $2, $3, $1 ecbs + $1.80 oop
ECB’s remaining $15.98, $5, $5 & $1
Value of items: $73.90
Paid: $1.22 oop


Value of items: $50.04
Paid:$9.94 oop

Total Value $158.98
Total spent: $13.95

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9 thoughts on “Jan 2, 2009 Shopping Trip $13.95

  1. Corrie at "Cents"able Momma says:

    Wow…great trips!


  2. Nice job.

    I have a question for moms at the ned of my post for today, I hope you’ll come by and give me your thoughts.


  3. Hey Mrs.Tara

    I agree that Publix is a bit pricier but you get what you pay for. My publix has outstanding customer service, but then the one only 10 minutes away is terrible. So my saying may not ring true.

    In order mostly/only sale items at Publix. I head straight for BOGO free items and stack my coupons. I end up paying pennies for a good deal of items.


  4. Kacie you make a very good point. I too hate to go to the store and find that they are out of a product I want. With five heads of hair to wash it seems that I am often running out of shampoo and having to pay full price because I didn't plan ahead. I am not gender specific on shampoo and was my boys hair with shampoo marketed to women.

    Finally, I am shopping for my family, our church pantry and a women & children's shelter that we will begin donating to this year.

    BTW, I left plenty of the $2.99 Garnier Fructis which is still free after coupons.

    Congratulations on the birth of your son.


  5. Mrs. Tara says:

    WOW- how did you do this for Publix. Our area just got one and I heard they are very expensive -haven’t been there yet.


  6. DeNiece Barnes says:

    Hadias I am so sorry that I have been away so long, so much as been going on, but I have been reading your blog because you are such an inspiration to many of todays women, I pray that you and the family are heathly. I will be following your ideas for using coupons thank you so much for sharing with us all,please stop by and visit me I would love to have you come and visit, stay sweet my dear sister in christ.


  7. Wow, that’s quite a deal! I’m glad you were able to get so many things for your family for such a low price.

    But I have to wonder…do you really need those 16 bottles of Garnier? I find it frustrating when I go to the drugstores and they’re all out of the product I want.

    Maybe you will stockpile these for a long time, or donate some of your surplus?

    Hope all is well with you!


  8. frugalsuz says:

    Great job! Seems like everyone has really been making out well with this clearanced Garnier. 🙂


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