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Kroger: Another reason why I use coupons

After spending my whole Saturday (7am-4pm) with my daughter while she competed…and after getting lost on the way back for 2 hours (now 7pm)…I still managed to stop at Kroger and get some Mega Mix and Match items.

I do not believe that I posted coupon matches for Kroger, therefore, in order to see how I achieved these saving visit Jenny.

My honey had dinner ready and the clothes ironed for church. He is the sweetest. I am so proud of his effort to keep things running smoothly when I’m away. Toys and books were in every common area of the house and my children somehow dislodged a bar from my daughters day-bed, but all in all the kids were happy and my honey was so glad that I was finally home.

You should know that I take great pride in spending honey’s earnings wisely. I realize that for many stay at home wives, we often forget how hard our husbands work to make a living, and we become so careless in what we decide to spend it on. Each $$ I spend has my husband time, energy and commitment to providing for our family attached to it. That is what I see when I shop. I see his sweat (figuratively) and his sacrifice (literally). Therefore, when I am able to go into to store and get 100% worth of items and only pay 10-20% of the actual value than I am confident that I am trying my best to be a good steward over what God has blessed us with.KROGER Total: $16.50
4 Captain Crunch cereal 22 oz. $5.96 or $1.49 ea.
5 Quaker Oats instant oatmeal $7.45 or 1.49 ea.
7 Green Giant Steamers $1 or $0.14 ea.
4 Quaker Rice Cakes FREE
1 French’s Mustard $0.69
4 Franks Hot Sauce $2 or $0.50 ea.
Total $17.10 – $10 (for buying 20 Mega Mix & Match items)

10 Oust Air Sanitizer $13.10 or $1.31 ea.
2 Cottonelle $1.98 or $0.99 ea.
2 Dial 3 pk bar soap $0.60 or $0.30 ea.
3 Soft Soap Hand cleanser $0.90 or $0.30 ea.
Total $16.58-$5 (for buying 10 Mega Mix & Match items)

I was charged for 11 oust rather than 10 and I did not get credit for 3 Soft soap only 2. So after adjustment Total oop is….

$16.50 for 42 items or $0.39 an item

Proverbs 31:16
She considereth a field, and buyeth it: with the fruit of her hands she planteth a vineyard.~~
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