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Kroger’s Policy v. Hadias’s Policy

Natures Bounty and Sundown Vitamins BOGO FREE $3.69 ea.

Aleeve $1.99 for 24 pk. I scored 2 double pk. for $1.99 ea.
coupons used:
(2) $2/1 Sundown
(2) $2/1 Natures Bounty
(1) $5/4 Natures Bounty
(2) $1/1 Aleeve

$18.76 -$15 (in coupons)=I should have paid $3.76 + tax; however my cashier made up an on the spot policy where she told me that I could only use 2 internet coupons per type of item. I had used multiple coupons on 1 item on previous shopping trips…but whatever. My original order was:

10 bottles of Nature’s Bounty $18.18
2 Sundown
2 Aleeve

She only credited 2 coupons for -$4 which left me with a $14.18 balance on the Natures Bounty, a $0.62 overage on the Sundown and a $2 balance on the Aleeve.

After telling me her policy I told her mine which was that I wanted the items that she could not accept coupons for to be voided. I don’t know what she did or did not do but she was ringing and re-ringing for about 15 minutes until a manager had to come over ask her what the problem was and open up a register himself because a line had formed.

Folks, I really hate to run into this sort of situation but let me tell you. I will not pay full price for an item that I have a valid coupon for. Why should I when I know that my coupon will be accepted somewhere else.

CVS and Walgreen’s had these same vitamins on sale the whole week when I made this purchase. Just as the store can be selective as to their coupon policy from day to day, we the consumers can be equally selective.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT allow the cashier or store to rob you of your savings. It’s unnecessary. They will get reimbursed for every manufacturer coupon code they key in and for every manufacturer coupon they scan.

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7 thoughts on “Kroger’s Policy v. Hadias’s Policy

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had two cashiers at the Kroger on the Irmo side of St. Andrews tell me that same thing now…they only accept two internet coupons per type of item (and I truly think it’s one main lady telling the other cashiers this is their policy, but not sure if it’s true). Thankfully, I didn’t have more than two for each type of item either time, but if I did, I would have done the same thing you did!! I’d like to try another Kroger and see what they tell me.

    Kristi Z.


  2. It pays to know the rules and share with the people. I found out the HARD way that WALMART does not honor buy 1 get 1 free coupons. I had a coupon for Oust buy 1 get 1 free. Due to something in the cash registers (according to the cashier) the most you can get is $1 off! A $1 off of one can, HA! Not at $3 a can!
    So I also had to spend time getting things voided!


  3. You did the right thing! For some strange reason, some cashiers have issues with coupons! Sometimes I think they are just jealous that they didn’t have any themselves! LOL


  4. Woot! You go, girl! Can’t blame you one bit.


  5. I think a lot of times the cashier’s just plain don’t know what they’re doing. At our CVS there is one particular cashier who I always avoid because not only does he have no clue how to use his register, he also foesn’t have a clue about the whole coupon thing.


  6. Chaos Cottage says:

    Good for you Hadias. Stick to your guns!



  7. Anonymous says:

    I agree. I had a cashier tell me that I couldn’t use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO item(I found out later this was not true). I didn’t argue, I just politely asked her to void the item. Held on to the coupon and used it at another store. All of this was done in a Christlike manner and I didn’t hold the line up doing it.



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