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Monthly Earnings- January 2009

In spite of the economic downturn I have still been able to earn some extra money this month. January has taught me that it does pay to mail in rebate forms. I mailed in about 10 of them and received 3 back so far.

Applying for rebates has even created a small job for my 15 year old. She is my official Rebate Processor. She earns 50% commission for every completely processed rebate.

Here are my earning from this month: (Not bad for a stay at home mom)

$6~Pine Cone Research
$96.01~Izea (PayPerPost & Social Spark)
$10~Ebates* (please use scentreprenuer@aol.com as your referrer when signing up)
$1.67~Adsense (Current balance $37…need $100 to cashout)
$10~Walmart GC (Rebate)
$2.99~Arm & Hammer (Rebate)
$15.oo~Oil of Olay GC (Rebate)
$5.00~Store Credit

*Ebates $5 Bonus Offer: All new Ebates accounts earn $5 for signing up, which is credited 2-3 days after you make your first purchase. I’ll earn $5 when you sign up and you’ll earn $5 for every person you refer as well.

All of my cash earnings are divided up as follows… 10% Tithe, 70% Savings and 20% Spending. All GC’s are used for CVS OOP and rebate offers.

For the month of February, I have been contemplating teaching a “Coupon-ing Crash Course”. I have been asked by several people and with the support of my two best friends (my husband and my daughter) I think that it may ne a good idea.

Each class would last roughly 2 hours and cost $10 per person. Each person will get a “Coupon 101 Handbook” to take home. I would like to have the first class at my home with some of the woman from my church who have expresed intrest.

I would also like to teach an additional class for many people I meet at the supermarket who ask me “How did you do that?”. “That” being, reducing my OOP using coupons and shopping sales. Thus far, I usualy give strangers my blog address but I’d like to begin taking a more hands on approach.

I‘d like to know what you…(my friends and readers)…think of this idea?
If a coupon~ing class were available in your community,would you would pay to attend?

Proverbs 31:18
She perceiveth that her merchandise is good: her candle goeth not out by night.
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4 thoughts on “Monthly Earnings- January 2009

  1. Mrs. Tara says:

    Sure didn’t mean to offend you but I obviously did. I was simply responding to your question. If I sounded critical that was not my intent. My intent was to ask what the fee was for and simply share with you how God is allowing our church to use this as a ministry opportunity. You asked and I shared my opinion. I am sorry you took my response as being critcal. I was simply answering your question and giving you my opiniion. Please have a blessed day!


  2. Anonymous says:


    Yes, I would attend a couponing class. As a matter of fact, one of my friends who is a coupon queen came to my house one day to give my daughters and I a quick crash course. It was great!



  3. I’ve dabbled in couponing before. I don’t currently get coupons (no subscription to the paper, and I don’t purposely go out and get the Sunday editions), but I do have them available to me (maybe I should take a look when we go to church. That’s one way–also, my dad gets like 5 papers on Sundays. At least 2 each day the rest of the week). I’ve been contemplating getting back into them.

    As for the classes. I think it’s a great idea, there’s just one problem I forsee. While it’s a great idea, and it WOULD pay for itself in the VERY short run, I wonder if people are going to be willing to pay, even if you will be giving them the handbook. They might think, since it’s something “practically free” like coupons, it would be…pointless? I’m not sure of the right word here. I hope you get what I mean. And that I’m NOT AT ALL trying to knock your idea. I’d pay. I’m just pointing out what others might think.


  4. Amanda Roby says:

    I would love to take a couponing class in my area. I think I could learn a lot. I already have my coupons organized (using the binder method), but I want to learn to use them more effectively. I’d also like to learn from a local the best places to get extra inserts.

    I’m not sure I would pay more than $10 for a class, but supplemental material would help me feel comfortable with the cost.

    I’d feel really stupid if the class only covered a few basics, though. I’d want someone to really get in-depth with me, and I’d definitely want local store policies/local deals covered. That way I feel like my money is worth it.

    Amanda in Louisville


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