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Oraganizing: Where Do I Start

Begin with a standard of how you want your home to look at any given time. Decide what a liveable standard is for not only yourself but for you family as well.

A good place to begin is by agreeing to keep the main areas of the house neat and tidy. This could be the first area that people were to see if they dropped by. This could then grow to include one bathroom and the kitchen.

Make it clear to everyone what your idea of neat and tidy is. Make sure that they have a visual picture of what the living room looks like when it’s clean. Take a picture and get it developed. Place it your HMB or on the fridge and let the kids refer to it whenever in doubt.

People say that it takes 30 days of repeating an activity to make something a habit. Make this a priority for the next 30 days and you’ll be asking yourself why you didn’t do this sooner.

Divide and conquer the task by assigning specific jobs to each family member. One can handle vacuuming daily, another can be in charge of collecting left behind toys at the end of the day. Get everyone involved, yet be patient with your little ones.

Be consistent with new standard. If there is a day when time will not permit tidying up explain this to your family. Let everyone know that tackling the main area, etc. will take priority the next day in addition to any other chores not in place of.

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2 thoughts on “Oraganizing: Where Do I Start

  1. The pictures were really helpful for my children and myself as well. It took all of the misunderstandings out of the equation. It also saved me having to repeat what clean looks like according to my standards.


  2. I think your idea about taking a picture of what your home looks like when it’s clean is great! In my home, different family members have very different ideas about what neat and tidy means!


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