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has to be done too, because sometimes my plans don’t work out.

I have been using my hall linen closet to hold our surplus hygiene items. There were hygiene items on the left and a space bag with blankets on the right. Our surplus had begun to outgrow it’s home so I needed to make some adjustments.

The space bag has been moved to the attic which is unfinished (..no flooring, just insulation and beams). Many items have been moved from the hall closet to the master bath in order to get a bit more organization going on. Now instead of the super packed in no order set up I had going on I can actually find and see items verses unloaded everything in front to find toothpaste in the back.

Under my sink before

and after I moved the hygiene items in.

You can see the linen closet before by clicking here and the after below.

Hygiene shelf

Household items shelf
How often do reorganize your drawers and cabinets?
Has it’s been to long to remember? Why not start today with on drawer or shelf. You’ll be glad that you did.
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2 thoughts on “Re-organizing

  1. Debbie J. says:

    Your organizing work looks great! I have been on a organizing/decluttering crusade for 2009, doing a little at a time. I have posted pictures of my progress so far under the subject “2009 To Do List”.


  2. Good job, your closet look great! I usually reorganize my “stockpile” room when i can no longer see the floor! Haha. I probably need to keep up with it more so it won’t be such a arduous task!


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