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Saturday Savings: Chi-Ching!!

Proverbs 31:14
She is like the merchants’ ships; she bringeth her food from afar.


10 KRAFT CHEESE $1.99 x 10= $19.98
6 JOHNSON BUDDY SOAP $1.09 x 6= $6.54
TOTAL $28.52


10 $0.75/1 KRAFT= $19.98
(Cashier entered these coupons as $1.99 OFF PER ITEM ???)
I’ve read that another blogger had the same experience

3 Johnson & Johnson $3/2= $6

Final Total Showed $1.34 balance
I swiped my card, the cashier pressed something and the balance changed to $6.34

She couldn’t explain it, nor could I. When I arrived home I realized that the coupons generated and overage and I was given a $5 overage credit on my card.

made $5


(3) Glucose Monitors $29.99 x 3=$89.97
(2) 6 pk. Hershey Bars $2.97 x 2=$5.94 get $2 EB

(3) $30/1 Glucose cpn. (reduced down to $29.99)
$4 EB

final w/tax $8.02
Paid with GC

$0.00 OOP
earned $2 EB’s

If a class teaching you how to do this yourself were available in your area would you attend?
Would you pay $10 to attend?

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5 thoughts on “Saturday Savings: Chi-Ching!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Hadias,

    Just stumbled on your blog, great
    job this week! In response to your question about charging for a class, I think there is an awesome oppourtunity not only for you but for the people that would attend as well. I know that there are many people out there that just need tips and directions on how to start. I attended a coupon class with the 4 girls that I work with
    back in November and the girl charged $15.00 for each person and the classes were full! While I used to coupon somewhat, it was helpful to know about websites, how to stack coupons, etc. You have nothing to loose by offering a class! Hope all goes well!



  2. no no no Tara. You did not offend me. I feared that I would offend you with my explanation. I only posted it here and on my blog so that you would know that I had responded to your question. I understand your point of view. Only I could not host a class at this juncture without charging a fee. It would be a burden on my husbands income to pay for the materials and location out of pocket.


  3. Thank you Tara for your feedback.

    It is an awesome gift to your community that you are teaching people how to save money.

    Tara, it is in fact true that all of this information can be found on-line; however many people do not have the time to invest in researching the system of using coupons and shopping sales.

    I made the time because it was important to me that I learn how to stretch our income further than it was going.

    Teaching a class will take time away from my family on Saturdays. It will also be a use of my resources such as gas & mileage, location fees and printing fees, to teach the class.

    For the $10 fee, each participant will receive a handbook that is a compiled with all of the "How-To's" of coupon-ing. These are not free for me to make; however they are "like you stated available online if one has the time to sort through the thousands of blogs available.

    They will also receive a 2 hour crash course including and opportunity to ask all the question necessary. In addition they get all get chance to go shopping as a group 3-4 weeks after the class. (many need this time to accumulate a coupon stash)

    In fact I believe just the opposite regarding "Trying to help people be a better steward of their money". I think that by offering people an opportunity to invest in their own success sets apart the serious from those who are not.

    Dave Ramsey charges for time he spends teaching people the very same things that can be found on-line; however many people pay to be a part of his support group. They pay for his literature and for the sense of community. I must say that it s well worth every penny.

    I know personally.

    $10 is a small fee in comparison to what you will glean from applying the shopping principles.

    Again the class is just a thought and for what I am wanting to offer my participants, it would cost me money out of pocket.

    My husband and I have sought God's direction and we haven't had an indication that I should not charge. I am however still prayerful regarding even teaching a class. At this point…teaching the class for free would be a financial burden on my husband since he would then have o foot the bill for copies, gas and a location.

    I hope that this answers everyone question regarding the fee. I think that God does call us to do some things without reward or payment, however; my husband and I believe that this endeavor is one that God has called me to construct as an opportunity to model myself after Proverbs 31:18 & 24.

    Forgive me if I sound like I don't take constructive criticism well. God is not done with me yet.


  4. Mrs. Tara says:

    I am offering a class at my church – two sessions a morning one and an evening one. We are trying to help people be a better steward of their money. We are not charging. Matter of fact giving away things and providing childcare. I have been amazed we so far have 136 signed up between the two sessions. To me paying for the class defeats the purpose, especially when you can get it free online. We are looking this as a ministry. I believe God will honor our efforts.
    I guess I am a little confused at why there would be a fee.


  5. Courtney, Jer.33:3 says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! 🙂
    Wow! Great deal on the cheese!


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