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Stretching Your $$$ with Rebates

Many of us including myself have purchased products and thought what a hassle it would be to submit it. Many times you must circle prices and cut out UPC codes which is a task within it’s self. The retailers bank on us looking at rebates from this perspective.

I personally don’t like to be outsmarted out of any of my savings so I did some research in order to learn How to Submit, Organize, and Track Rebates the Quick and Easy Way. I knew that there had to be a workable method available to us consumers.

I received a check for $44 in November and $15 in December all because I purchased free after rebate items. Now, I know that you are ready to start receiving your rebate checks, however there is one more thing you’ll want to read first… What You Should Know About Rebate Check Fulfillment.

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