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Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

I have completed the first installment of my January grocery shopping. While at the grocery store I was amazed at the number of shoppers who were matching coupons to sale items along with me. You had your senior citizens and your stay-at-home moms meticulously calculating and sorting coupons as they went along. After purchasing newspapers for the last 8 weeks and then buying duplicates this past Sunday, I had a lot of coupons to use. I had a least 3 of each coupons for each item I purchased today. I was able to keep my cool by staying organized. I used 36 coupon on a total of 87 items including produce and meat.

30 dannon yogurt, 6 boxes of Special K bars, 4 j&j bath buddies, 2 Special K cereals, 8 Campbells condensed cooking soups, 6 cans of Chicken breast in water, 12 Healthy ??? Campbells soups,

2 lbs of Bananas, 1 lb of strawberries, 9 pks of 2-3 lb pks of chicken breast, 6 Grands biscuits and 2 loaves of Nature Grain Bread. I forgot to hand in one coupon and was given a refund of $2.19

Total before Coupons…..$184.81
Total after Coupons……..$66.68
Savings of…………………..$118.13

Grocery & Household Spending so far 2009~$83
Total Value of items so far 2009~$417

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4 thoughts on “Where Shopping Is A Pleasure

  1. That is pretty impressive! Good for you!


  2. newlyweds says:

    Wow, what great savings. Does your store double coupons?


  3. GritsGirl says:

    What a great shopping Trip and great savings!!


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