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21 of 30 Days Down

My grocery budget is designated to last from the 8th of one month till the 7th of the next. In January our meat stash lasted from the 8th of January to the 7th of February. Yay!!! That’s awesome planning. I have mapped out our 30 day dinner meal plan for February 8th till March 8th.

So far I bought 16 packs of 1.2 lb. ground turkey

and 4 whole chickens
I rarely find deals on meat so I often head straight to Aldi to buy ground turkey and whole chickens. I purchased the 16 packs of ground turkey @ $2.49 ea. and 4 whole chickens averaging $4 each. This will cover 20 dinner during the month of February. Below is a list of my main courses that I’ll make with these meals. The Knorr sides I bought at Publix will be the perfect side item for many of my dishes this month.

My total for the meat above was $55.73
Roasted Chicken x 4
Meatloaf x 5
Turkey Ziti x 5
Sloppy Joes x 5
Spaghetti x 2

Still to purchase 5 lbs of Chicken Quarters & 10 lbs. of Chicken Breast (waiting on a $1.99 a lb. sale).

Tomorrow I will share a “Freezer Cooking” pictorial for Roasted Chicken.

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