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Grocery Round-Up…January 2009

January 2009 is history and I must say that I have made history in my household. By making a simple choice to learn everything that I could about coupon-ing I have increased the power of my grocery budget by an average of 80%. The values in red are according to an Excel spreadsheet that I use to plug in each coupon.

Total Spent: $266
Total Saved: $1,077
Total Value of Items: $1,340

I believe that I lost track of two of my shopping trip in my calculations below. So the total value of items differs below from the numbers above. I believe that I forgot to add in my trips from this Saturday. I purchased over $200 worth of items for $9 on my GC. The total value below differs from the one above by about $200.

I use the numbers above for my budgeting records the numbers below which are from my right sidebar are updated weekly from my excel. However; due to time constraints that last week of January I believe that I did not add in the final two shoping trips.

The numbers are just o give you a visual description f the possibilties available through using coupons and shopping sales.

My January CVS spending was $15.77. I earned $162.53 in Extra Bucks and gleaned $511.58 worth of household and hygiene items.

I didn’t do any spending at Rite-Aid this month due to the lack of inventory at my local store. I did however earn a $15 Single Check Rebate for January.

The same hold true for Walgreen’s. I didn’t spend much because the lack of consistent inventory discourages me from shopping there. I spent a total of $20.80 earned $16.50 in Register Rewards and Easy Saver Rebates. The total
value of items purchased was $114.33.

My total January grocery spending was $238.30 with a total item value of
$558.78. Thanks Kroger and Publix for the great sales last month. Keep’em commin.

Finally, January was the first time in a while that I’ve mailed in rebates and so far I’ve gotten back $17.99.

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