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I Love Coupons!!!

Publix: $9.50 OOP (Saved $19.39 or 67%)
Cost w/o coupons: $28.89

Walgreens: $13.57 OOP (Saved $40.13 or 75%)
Cost w/o Q’s: $53.70

CVS: $0.47 OOP (Saved $29.76 or 98%)
Cost w/o Q’s: $30.23

Kroger: $34.00 OOP (Saved $86.86 or 72%)
Cost w/o Q’s: $120.86

24 rolls of Angel Soft Tissue

17 Pillsbury, 7 Johnson’s on the go 1st aid kits, 3 Reynolds wrap foil, 2 Oil of Olay Regenerist….

7 boneless skinless breat, 1 Renuzit Tri scent refill,

20 Green Giant canned veggies, 4 cans of Oust, 2 Gillette Fusion Gamers, 2 J&J First Aid Kits, 2 Starbucks Chocolates (delish) and 1 Dove Mint Ice cream.

Will receive $4 Rebate from Walgreen’s on the Oust.

Note: The gig is up…Johnson and Johnson are on to us. Be on the lookout for the new J&J blinkies. The coupons now include the wording (first aid product) on them. They also exclude the purchase of any on-the-go kits like the ones above. I found these newer coupons at Walgreen’s near the Johnson & Johnson 1st aid products. We will not…I REPEAT we will not, be getting any Buddie bars with these folks.
They are still good on all first aid product. I found (2) gauze marked down to $0.75 each and used the coupon.

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2 thoughts on “I Love Coupons!!!

  1. Ok, so I was looking at all your stuff and wondering how many fridges / freezers you have? Just as a matter of storage, and do you ever run out of room?

    Us, we have 2 fridge/freezer combos, and that really isnt’ a lot of freezer room, so I can only buy so much.

    Oh, and I think what you can do with coupons is amazing!



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