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ING Direct Referral Links

Today I’ll share how I made an instant 10% return on my investment.

I learned about an offer to open a ING Orange High Interest Savings account and earned $25 in the process. If you are anything like me…you take one look at these offers and throw them in the trash. However; I gave it a try and I was paid $25 immediately. I have had my ING account for 8 months now and they serve as a nesting place for my Emergency Fund.

The Offer:

When you open an account with an initial deposit of $250 or more your account will be credited with $25 and mine will be credited with $10 from ING Direct. The $250 deposit does not need to remain in the account in order for you to get your bonus. Once open an account you will be able to refer people and earn bonuses as well.

My account was credited with the $25 before my initial $250 deposit was even transferred from my brick and mortar bank.


~No Minimum Balances
~No Fees
~No need to change banks, accounts can be linked
~Account can be opened online in less than 5 minutes

The interest rates at ING Direct are much better than my brick & mortar bank. As of this writing (effective 09/09/2009) ING Orange Savings account pay a variable 1.30% Annual Percentage Yield.

Investigate ING Direct and if you find that you’d like to earn and instant 10% on your investment leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you a referral code.

I only have 25 referral codes.

These referral codes can only be used once and expire 30 days after being emailed. Please read the terms/conditions so you know the stipulations. You can close the account at anytime without forfeiting the $25 bonus.

Wachovia ($25 VISA gift card) click here
Capital One ($25 Bonus) click here

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