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My Coupon Binder

I made a coupon free purchase two weeks ago. I paid full price and what I purchased was worth every penny.

My coupon stash had outgrown my little pencil box and I was forced to find a new solution. I purchased this binder at Walmart for $9.xx and some baseball card holders for $5.xx

I must say that transferring coupons from the envelope system to a binder is not for the faint of heart. It took me approximately 3 days to complete the task and that was with my daughters help. I was behind in clipping, so that extended the time as well.

For anyone new to coupon~ing I would suggest that you start with a coupon binder from the very beginning. If I had it to do all over again…I certainly would have.

My binder has lots of pockets. This one will be used to hold my coupons that will be used at the register.

Behind that zippered pocket is another compartment that holds pens/pencil, cards and key rings. I removed all of my store key tags from my key ring and added them to the handy little snap holder, but later put them back on my key ring. I had almost forgot to retrieve them from my binder on my trip to the store. There’s also a handy compartment to store the store reward cards. These will become more useful once I begin traveling with my binder.

There’s another compartment in the front that I use to store my current shopping list and individual store envelopes.

Inside of my binder on the left are 4 accordion style sleeves.

The first sleeve is where I keep a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Coupons that are waiting to be filed end up in this bag. This would include recently clipped coupons and coupons that were not used on my last trip to the store.

The next sleeve holds inserts that I will not be clipping. I date them by when they were published and stick them inside. This is also where I store a copy of the Taylortown Coupon Preview. This sheet is used as a guide to locate un-clipped coupons by their publication date. (can you say…time saver?)

The final two slots hold weekly store circulars.

Now back to the beginning of the binder. I have divided my binder into 5 categories. Scroll down to see them.

I purchased the baseball card holders which I will be replacing with 4×6 inch photo sleeves. These basball card holder are way to small. They are alos time consuming to fill. I had to reclip and fold many of the coupons to get them to fit.

The store section of my binder holds store coupons books such as the Walgreen’s Easy Saver and the Publix Yellow Advantage Buy. I also save my store Cash Register Tapes, Register Rewards and Extra Bucks.

Lastly, in the very back of my binder is where I keep my sciccors and calculator.

I hope that you enjoyed taking a tour of my coupon binder. I also hope that the tips were helpful in getting you organized with your coupons.

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2 thoughts on “My Coupon Binder

  1. That’s awesome! I need to get one like that! Is that an Avon watch? I sell Avon and that looks like one of my watches!!!


  2. Wow. I am impressed. My challenge is turning observations of great tactics/tools like your binder into long lasting habits. I’m inspired. Thanks to ebonymom for leading me here.


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