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Not Signed up with Cellfire Yet?

Get Cellfire Now

Use the link above to go to directly to the registration page. Registration is FREE.

The first page will prompt you to fill in info.

~Mobile phone number
~Zip code
~Year of birth
~Enter email address
~Check the boxes for your preferable communication methods (text or email alert…you can also leave these boxes blank)

Now click “Register”

(You may receive one text message welcoming you to Cellfire but that should be it. I say may, because when I signed up I had texting blocked on my phone so I didn’t receive any message.)

Next page will say– Go to Deals or Save more with Cellfire Mobile

Click on “Go to Deals”

Now that you are on the “Deals” page

Pick an an item that you’d like to get a coupon for. Click on the yellow bubble that says “Save to Card”

This will open a pop-up window that prompt you to enter your store card number or cellphone number

****You can save your coupons to your card or cell phone****

How do I redeem coupon saved to my…


Redeeming cellphone coupons–You will receive a text message with the coupon/s that you’ve added to your card on Cellfire. You must present your cellphone with the Cellfire text message to the cashier.

Store Loyalty Card:

Redeeming store card coupons–Once you have saved your card information on the site you can virtually add coupons to your card by clicking on the ones you’d like to use. When you are checking out present your card to the cashier for scanning and the coupons should be applied to your balance.

Questions?…leave a comment below.

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