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Sending the Hubby CVS Shopping

My shopping days are Friday’s and Saturday’s which means that I shop at the end of the drugstore sale cycle. Therefore I shop on the last two days before the sale items expire for that week. When all of the great new deals come out on Sunday, I must wait 6 days before I can take advantage of the savings.

Shopping this way can lead to missed deals since many things can be out of stock and not getting to use a particular coupon on a great deal before it expires. One way that I circumvent these two issues is that I:

*Get a rain check for any item that is out of stock. That way even if it is the last day of the sale, I can get the item on my next trip.

* Ask my husband to pick up any items where the coupon is about to expire.
This allows him to get a little practice with coupon~ing on his own without us running the risk of him becoming overwhelmed by all of the details and just grabbing anything off of the shelves. The detail involved in multiple coupon transaction is not something that my husband even remotely enjoys.

Here’s how I make it easy for my husband:

On a table I place the manufacturer coupon face up. On top of that I place any CVS coupons. Next, I stack the cut out picture from the ad.

So it looks like this from top to bottom.

1. Ad picture
2. CVS coupons
3. Manufacturer coupons

Next, I staple the stack together being especially careful not to staple any bar codes (you could also use paper clips). Finally, I give him the list , the stapled coupons and the EB’s.

This could also a great way to teach your teen children to begin using coupons. My daughter is already learning how to save money using coupons at 15 years old.

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3 thoughts on “Sending the Hubby CVS Shopping

  1. Hey Rebekah EB is an abbreviation for Extra Bucks from CVS. Do you have a CVS where you live?


  2. Ok, so this may sound silly, but I notice you use “EB” a bit, and was wondering what it stood for?

    I am trying to use coupons more, and I wish I could stockpile like you are doing.
    (Being as that we are looking at moving sometime this year, & as often as we move, it's not such a wise idea)


  3. Shannon (Coupon Mommy Of 2) says:

    My daughter is 7 and already knows how to use coupons to an extent. She also has a coupon book and loves it!


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