Cute Coupon Organizer

My Mother in Love gave my 15 y.o. daughter this organizer and my daughter said that she knew that I would love it for sorting coupons. Well she was right. This little organizer has become an important part of keeping my coupons and shopping trips organized.

The front of top section has (2) rows of (4) horizontal mini pockets. These pockets are perfect size for storing store loyalty cards and coupons. Below the smaller pockets are (6) larger pockets. These pockets are the perfect size to hold extra copies of my Walgreen’s Easy Saver booklet, extra coupons waiting to be filed, a calculator or pens.
What’s I love about this organizer is that it has a neat opening in the back that will be great for storing store circulars and magazines such as Women’s Day and All You.

Each mini section on this organizer can hold about 50 coupons, a shopping list and a store loyalty card.

I love my little coupon organizer. Tomorrow I will share a step by step tutorial on
Preparing for the Grocery Trip“.

In the meantime I’d love for you to share your best or worst grocery shopping story.

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