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FREE Coupons @ Publix

There are six major resources for aquiring coupons–

1. The Sunday Newspaper
2. Internet Printables
3. In store manufacturer coupons (blinkies, tearpads and peelies)
4. Store coupons (magazines/home mailers)
5. Non-couponing friends and family
6. Coupon clipping websites

Of the six, only three can be obatained for FREE. These are numbers 3, 4 and 5. These are the most overlooked resources and the ones that assist in making the difference between saving 57% off of your grocery bill versus 77%.

I want to focus specifically on number 3-In store manufacturer coupons and number 4-store coupons.

As a matter of habit you must always stop at the stores publication stand. This can be found at the entrance to most Publix stores. You can also subscribe to the some of the magazines and get them in your mailbox. You cannot sign up for Publix magazines if you live outside Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Click on the following links to register for each quarterly magazine.

Publix Family Style magazine
Publix GreenWise Market magazine
Publix Grape magazine

Click on the following link to register for FREE baby stuff

Publix Baby Club

Publix also issues two other monthly coupon booklet that can only be found in store the names on these publication change with each issue.

Next, you must be on the lookout for coupon tearpads, blinkies, dispensers, peelies and coupons just lying on shelves. Even if you think you won’t use it just grab it, and not just one grab a few. You must be the judge of how many is enough or too much to take. Don’t even waste time looking at the coupon unless you snagged it and it’s for a product that you intended to buy anyway.

Otherwise, just grab a few and put them away. I stick mine in my coupon binder. These coupons are usually for items that are not currently on sale, but ooooh…you just trust me, it will go on sale very soon, so hold on to them.

So with these tips in mind, use this weeks shopping trip to pick up some FREE coupons. Here are just a few coupons that I picked up for FREE at Publix on my trip this week.

–$1 off 1 Bertolli Pasta Sauce (.44¢ this week)
–$1 off 1 Promise spread
–$1 off 1 Half Gallon of Hood Simply Smart Milk
–$1 off 1 Dole Frozen Fruit Product
–$2 off 1 TGIF Friday’s complete meals
–.55¢ off 1 22oz. Clorox Anywhere, spray
–$1 off 1 Velveeta product
–$1 off 2 Planters peanuts
–$1 off 2 Digiorno Pizza
–$1 off 2 Kraft or Cracker Barrel or 2% Milk cheese product
–$1 off 2 Wheat Thins, Triscuts or Ritz Crackers
–$1 off a 12pk. of Coke Zero or any Coca-Cola 12 pk.
–$1 off 2 Triscut Crackers

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