One thing that I don’t find on sale very often is ground turkey. Most months I purchase turkey in bulk from Aldi for $2.5o per pack. I purchase any where from $25-$30 worth and immediately freeze half and pre-cook the other half. Today I am going to share my pre-cooking method.

First I begin with a clean kitchen, specifically clear counters, a dish free sink and a clear stove.

When I began freezer cooking I would cook 3 packs at a time but now the number doesn’t matter. I just fill all four cooking eyes with a pan. My pans can hold 3 packs per pan. So today I’ll be cooking 12 packs of ground turkey. I keep a small recycling box in my kitchen, which is just a card board box that are FREE at ALDI.

After I empty each carton I stick it into my recycling box.
It takes about 20-25 minutes to brown all of the ground turkey.

Then I put tops on the pans and allow the meat to cool.

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