Inclimate Weather…Many Savings!!

Where are all of the newspapers??

Target?? Nope! But I did get 3 FREE Johnson’s Buddy bars
Bi-Lo?? Out 2 hours ago.
Publix?? Snagged the last 2 plus two $0.01 Mystery items in one transaction.

Cost Before Coupons $33.56

(2) 2ply. packs of Publix Toilet Tissue $0.02
(2) Newspapers $3.00
(20) cans of Green Giant Veggies $7.91

Cost After Coupons: $11.05 or $0.46 an item or 67%


60 cans of Green Giant veggies from this weeks Publix deal

3 more Buddie bars.

Only (2) sets of inserts…I hope that I can get (2) more papers this week.

I love having the freedom to buy the items that I’ll need in advance at sale prices. I am still shocked and amazed at how much I have been able to do with our grocery budget.

I remember when we spent $600 a month on groceries for our family of four. It amazes me how I can now feed my family on $221 a month.

God is certainly been good to us.
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