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Inclimate Weather…Many Savings!!

Where are all of the newspapers??

Target?? Nope! But I did get 3 FREE Johnson’s Buddy bars
Bi-Lo?? Out 2 hours ago.
Publix?? Snagged the last 2 plus two $0.01 Mystery items in one transaction.

Cost Before Coupons $33.56

(2) 2ply. packs of Publix Toilet Tissue $0.02
(2) Newspapers $3.00
(20) cans of Green Giant Veggies $7.91

Cost After Coupons: $11.05 or $0.46 an item or 67%


60 cans of Green Giant veggies from this weeks Publix deal

3 more Buddie bars.

Only (2) sets of inserts…I hope that I can get (2) more papers this week.

I love having the freedom to buy the items that I’ll need in advance at sale prices. I am still shocked and amazed at how much I have been able to do with our grocery budget.

I remember when we spent $600 a month on groceries for our family of four. It amazes me how I can now feed my family on $221 a month.

God is certainly been good to us.
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3 thoughts on “Inclimate Weather…Many Savings!!

  1. I applaud you! I wish I could be half as good as you are with couponing! My family would be forever grateful! Maybe one day…..

    Be Blessed!


  2. ok hadias, how do you do it? each shopping trip i am stunned! i do qs but i can’t even begin to do what you do. i know all the lingo and the tricks but it never works out for me. HELP!!!!


  3. Together We Save says:

    Great stock pile. My family is sitting by the computer and they are impressed. My daughter said it should be my goal to get to your level.


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