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All of this for $2.19

O.K. Publix if you must know…let’s start with what I bought.

Publix Items Pictured

(16) Vitamin10 Water $1.49 ea
(5) Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts $2.39 ea
(1) Ocean Spray $3.99 ea
(1) Philadelphia Cream Cheese (Sun-dried Tomato Basil) $1.99 ea
(1) Jose Ole’ Taquitos $5.49 ea
(1) Johnsonville Bratwurst $5.29 ea

First I used this beauty below
and here are my final calculations

Total Before Savings = $52.55
Total Savings = $50.36
Total Paid Out of Pocket $2.19

That’s like 98% saved.

Kroger Items Pictured

(8) McCormick Grill mates (FREE)
(1) Kroger Re-usable bag (FREE)

If you want to see what coupons I used to get the Publix deals click here.


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3 thoughts on “All of this for $2.19

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve been enjoying your posts about homemaking and especially housekeeping. Could you please share a post sometime with the list of your quarterly cleaning tasks? Do you have a special housekeeping binder to keep you organized? I would like to get more organized in my housekeeping! (Now that I have the couponing thing and frugal shopping organized well.)



  2. Anonymous says:

    Today I went to Publix and spent $40 on $192 worth of groceries! Almost 80% savings (includes lots of fresh produce, and a roast!) I did a dance today!

    Margery, Ga.


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