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Cash Register Tape & Catalina’s

Catalina’s known in the coupon world as cat’s are the brainchild of a company called “Catalina Category Marketing or (CCM)”

Cat’s are $/$$ coupon that are earned when purchasing a promoted product. Sometimes they are printed in the form of “$ off on your next order at Store X” or “$ off when you buy # of Brand X”.

The first Catalina will have the name of the store listed on it the offer incentives will usually only be good on your next shopping trip to that retailer.

The second Catalina example will state “good at Store X” but if you read carefully, somewhere on the Catalina will be the words “MANUFACTURER COUPON”.

Two stores in my area offer Catalina’s they are Kroger and Bi-lo.

Why should you care about Catalina’s?

Catalina’s are another resource for building a coupon stash. Catalina’s are usually handed to you by the clerk at check-out however, if you use a self check-out line you will need to remember to grab your coupons from the Catalina machine.

The first example of Catalina’s are store coupons and should be filed together with your store specific coupons. These coupons should be reviewed anytime you are traveling to said store.

The second example of Catalina’s are manufacturer coupons and should be filed along with your clipped insert coupons.

Let me show you how Catalina’s helped me save $35 at CVS.

CVS DEAL: Spend $25 on J&J, get $10 Extra Bucks
Bought (9) Johnson & Johnson products at $4.29 ea.
Total w/out CVS card = $38.61

Scanned CVS card for savings of $1.29 per bottle
Sale Price Total w/ CVS card = $27

Used a $10 off $20 worth of Skin Care items CVS coupon (CRT)
Total Savings from store coupon = $10
New Total after CVS coupon = $17

Used (1)-$3/2 and (2)-$1.50/2 Johnson & Johnson product Catalina’s from Kroger
Total Savings from Catalina’s = $7
New Total After Catalina’s = $10

Used $1 off (1) Johnon & Johnson product peelie found on the bottle
Total Savings = $1
New Total = $9

I have now reduced my OOP cost to $1.00 per bottle.

Now, where on earth can you buy Johnson’s baby lotion for $1.00?

My Total is $9.00 and it’s time to use my Extra Bucks
(CVS coupons that work like cash)

I have $4.99 Extra Bucks from my last shopping trip.

$9 – $4.99= $4.01

So I end up paying $4.34 with tax for (9) bottles of J&J products

That’s .48¢ a bottle

but here’s the kicker…

CVS gives me $10 Extra Buck back for buying $25 worth of J&J products.

I’ve made back the $4.99 in Extra Bucks that I spent and I have recouped the $4.34 that I spent OOP.

The simplest way to shop CVS is to find a product that you want or need and find every available coupon you can to subtract from the purchase price.

-start with CVS store coupons (ex. Reinventing Beauty Books/Health booklets @ pharmacy)
-also CVS crt’s (cash register tape)–your card must be scanned for these to print
-don’t forget manufacturer coupons/catalina’s
-and finally Extra Care Bucks

Still confused? Leave a comment and let’s figure it out together.
Are you in the Columbia or surrounding area? Make plans to attend the next
“CVS 101” Workshop
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