Cleaning the Bathroom

1-Fill a medium sized bucket with hot water and your favorite cleaning solution.

2- Sweep the bathroom floor and empty the trash. (Tip: Keep extra trash bags in the bottom of the trash can for easy clean-up.)

3-Remove every thing from inside of the shower area and clear the entire sink. I use a medium sized bucket to collect everything. Remove towels and washcloths as well.

4- I often use an all purpose cleaner such as Lysol. Using Lysol saves me time since I can use it on every surface in the bathroom from the mirrors to the floors.
I spray every surface except the floors.

5-Starting with a dry lint free cloth I wipe all of the mirrors, making sure to buff away any streaks.

6-Using the same cloth, now wet with warm water, I begin wiping the counters, faucet handles nd inside the sink bowl. I will either replace the sink items at this point or replace all bathroom items when I am done.

7-Rinse the cloth in the bucket of warm water and wipe the light switch plate cabinet faces and doorknobs.

8- By this time the shower and toilet should be disinfected. I now begin wiping the walls of the of the tub/shower area. I wear rubber flip flops/shower shoes when cleaning the bathroom. This allows me to stand inside of the tub and clean well instead of leaning into the shower and straining my back.

9- The tub it’s self can be a challenging area to clean. You may need to use a product such as soft scrub, AJAX or another scrubbing agent. What I use depends on how much cleaning the tub needs. If it’s been 3 days since the tub has gotten my attention, then I’ll use a scrubbing agent. If I cleaned the tub yesterday then a little Lysol and a quick wipe is enough. Be sure to wipe the faucets and rinse the tub and you’re done.

At this point you can replace the shower items or wait until you are completely finished cleaning the bathroom. I always wait until the end to replenish linens. Leave the shower curtain open to allow the shower area to air dry.

10- Cleaning the toilet can be done in (2) simple steps. I don’t enjoy cleaning toilets so I try to do it in the most sanitary way possible. I have already sprayed the entire toilet with Lysol disinfectant spray, including the tank, both sides of the seat and lid and of course the entire bowl inside and out.

Using my cloth which was rinsed in the process of cleaning the bathtub, I wipe down every surface of the toilet except the inner bowl. I use the warm soapy water from the bucket to rinse my cloth in between wipes. Don’t worry about wetting up the floor with the floor with the soapy water.

11- Once the toilet is clean using a mop of your cloth, clean the entire bathroom floor. You can pour the water down the toilet and start with fresh water if the water in your bucket is murky.

12- Now begin replacing all of your bathroom essentials and replenishing what need’s replenishing. Things that need replenishing in my bathroom would be things such as bar soap, shower gel, shaving cream, razors, tissue and mouthwash.

13-Bring in fresh towel and washcloths. Finally, scent the bathroom with your favorite air freshener or candle.

Sweep the floor

Clear all surfaces

Clean all surfaces

Clean bathroom in this order….sink, tub, toilet

Now put everything back

Replenish supplies

Freshen up

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