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FREE Vitamin Water !!! AGAIN…

-Buy (1) Vitamin Water .99¢ (price good until 4/22)
-Use .50¢ off 1 coupon (click on coupon to open the pdf.) will double to $1 at Publix
-Use the BOGO Free coupon from the “Save Money Save the Planet” Publix coupon booklet

I believe Vitamin Water may still be on sale at Bi-Lo for those who don’t have a Publix. Bi-Lo will doubles coupons everyday as well.

Food pantries everywhere could use these.
Please consider donating a few.
If you are in the Columbia S.C. area please consider donating to
Columbia’s First Church of the Nazarene
Donations can be dropped off
Monday-Friday 9am to 4:30 p.m.

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6 thoughts on “FREE Vitamin Water !!! AGAIN…

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Thanks for your help, but I must be a little slow about the water deal.

    Last deal of the night
    Went back to Publix

    Bayer quick release aspirin 4.49

    Bayer regular aspirin 3.29 (2)

    20 water $20.00

    Frosted Flakes 1.99 (2)

    One a day 4.99 (2)

    Durcell battery 4.23 (2)

    total before coupons 73.17

    oop plus tax 16.32

    saved 56.85 in coupons

    the bayer aspirin cost me .28 each and 1.49 for one. (this was the one that is crush for you in little packets there is 10 in each box so it cost .15 each)

    one a day was 1.50 each

    batteries .48 for one and 1.23 for the other

    and the water were .25 each

    the cereal 1.50 each

    back to the water, I am just trying to understand, I hope I am not boring you.

    i bought 20 waters for $20.00
    used 10 bogo coupons -10.00
    used 10 .50 coupon -5.00
    final cost 5.00 for 20 water = .25 per water.

    my publix don’t double their coupons, it that why it cost 5.00 instead of being free.

    Thanks again for your help and patience, you are Titus 2.


  2. The Proverbs Wife says:

    At Publix you can use:

    1 MFQ + 1 Store Coupon + 1 Competitor coupon per item or any other combination not to exceed (1) of each coupon type.

    So on the Pam deal we used 1 .55¢ Store Coupon from the Green Advantage Flyer and 1 .35¢ MFQ from the Sunday paper.

    We bought 1 Pam and used 2 coupons.

    On the Vitamin Water deal the BOGO coupon and the .50¢/1 are both Manufacturer coupons (MFQ’s).

    So if you buy 10 waters @ $10
    -use (5) .50¢/1 MFQ’s (deducts $5 from 5 of the waters leaving 5 MFcoupon-less waters)
    -use (5) BOGO MFQ’s (which allows you to get 1 FREE water for every one of the 5 above)-value $5
    -Makes all (10) FREE

    On the Bayer deal you referred to “bayer aspirin the price was 9.98 for 2, so i use the 2/5.00 from publix (this was a Store Coupon) and 2 more $1.00 off coupon (MFQ ).”

    You used (2) coupons per Bayer product. The coupons were from (2) separate sources.


  3. Jacqueline says:

    So, if we can’t use the .50 coupon on the the water, why can we use 2 coupons on other products that is bogo. for example, the pam spray was bogo at 3.29 and i use (2) .55 coupons and on the bayer aspirin the price was 9.98 for 2, so i use the 2/5.00 from publix and 2 more $1.00 off coupon.

    I am confused.


  4. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi Jacqueline,

    You can use the .50¢/1 coupons on the five that you pay for but not the five that you get FREE. Here’s why…the (5) that you are getting FREE are FREE because you have already applied the BOGO cpn. to them. If they allow you to use the .50¢/1 coupon on the five that you received FREE that would be trying to apply to (2) manufacturer coupons to one product.

    $2.50 for 10 bottles is an awesome price. You were definitely using your noodle on the scenario idea. We just cant use anymore coupons on the (5) that we get FREE w/ coupon.

    I hope that I understood you correctly.


  5. Jacqueline says:

    Today savings

    cheese bogo (4)
    noodles bogo (8)
    one a day vitamin (2)
    vitamin water bogo (10)
    pam cooking spray bogo (2)
    frosted flakes (2)

    total before coupons 67.66
    total after coupons and tax 23.33

    yeah me!!! thank publix

    my publix do not double coupon, if they did my total would have been under $20.00. But I am not complaining; I am praising God of making provisions and for you having this blog.

    i am going to get more water today, before the sale is over.

    I also went to Sam’s, but i did not use any coupons. I did however buy rice (25 lbs), flour (25lbs), water (2 cases), lemon juice (2), and blueberry. I put the date on the flour and rice to see how long it will last; the water will last 2 weeks, the blueberry one month and the lemon juice 2 weeks.


  6. Jacqueline says:

    Question: can i use 50 cent off coupon on the items that are free. Here is what i am trying to do, please let me know if this is doable at Publix

    buy 10 of the water on sale for $10.00 use my bogo which will bring my bill to 5.00, then use my .50 off coupon (5) which will bring my bill down to 2.50. which means .25 per water. so can I use 5 more .50 off coupons so the water is free???


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