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How to Avoid Paying Full Price

The only way to avoid paying full price for an item is to “stock-up” on the item when it is on sale. When starting a stock-pile it may be difficult to answer the question “How much do I need to buy to last until the next sale?”

When paper towels were on sale I bought (6) rolls not knowing when the next sale would be. Well those (6) rolls did not last until the next sale and I needed to buy more. I ended up going to Bi-Lo and getting (10) rolls this time.

Paper towels regularly priced at $1.19 – (10) .25¢/1 coupons doubled to .50¢/1
Total Before Coupons: $11.90
Total After Coupons: $6.90
Final Price per roll: .69¢ per roll

So what should you do when an item you need is not on sale at Publix?

1-Look through the competitor circulars or visit
BeCentsable, where you can find a comprehensive listing of many grocery stores throughout the United Sates.

2-If you can find the item on sale and are forced to buy it at regular price then make sure that you try to use a coupon. Visit the Hot Coupon World coupon database to see if there is a coupon out for your item. Just type the item in the description box and viola!

Another resource for searching for coupons is the Taylortown Preview master list. To use this list hold down the Ctrl + F keys until your “find box” opens up. Now all you need to do is type in your item and it will be highlighted on the page wherever their is an available coupon.

3-If all else fails, you’ll just have to buy the items at regular price or make due without until the next sale.
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