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I was the Tooth Fairy Last Night

My 5 year old lost his first toothe yesterday, so I made a goodie bag to stick under his pillow. In it included $1, (1) stick of Stride Berry gum, (3) Bible Activity cards and a Geo Trax DVD.

I save all of my children’s teeth in a tiny box that has a toothfairy on it. My husband thinks that this is so disgusting.

I have a question…Do you save your children’s teeth? If not what do you save?

I save teeth, hospital bands from their birth, ultra sound pictures, their drawings, footprints & handprints from various ages.

Now it’s your turn. What are keepsakes for you?

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3 thoughts on “I was the Tooth Fairy Last Night

  1. I don’t save the baby teeth, but I do keep all of the other keepsakes like you do. However, I think my mother may have one up on you…When I was about 11, I had to have two of my upper teeth removed because there was not enough room for them in my mouth. She kept these teeth, painted them with nail polish to preserve them, and tried to talk me into having them made into earrings! I have said no for the past 29 years, but told her the other day that when she passes on, I will have the undertaker pierce her ears and she can wear the tooth-earrings that I’ll have made. She thinks they’ll be the rage! Oh, I love my mommy!


  2. I think most of us moms save keepsakes. I had BOXES of stuff when we moved here. I had a hard time getting rid of anything so in a box it would go. I finally was able to whittle the keepsakes down to 1 or 2 boxes for each child. Among the items I kept were, the baby book, birth announcements and pics, ultrasound pic/vhs tape, the hospital bill(lol), hospital bracelet and hat, the outfit they came home in, any handmade special clothing(like baptism dresses, xmas outfits, etc.)their 1st shoes, favorite small baby toy. And that’s just the 1st yr or 2 of their lives. No wonder I have 2 boxes each!lol
    And yes, I did keep the baby teeth, tho not all of them.
    Fun blog post….


  3. I do save teeth. I usually put them in a ziploc baggie and use a sharpie to write the name, date, and any special circumstances. (Like when Brian Lee almost swallowed his) They then either go in my nightstand or jewelry armoire drawer.

    I also save papers and other goodies though I am trying to cut back to just keeping the special ones (for the sake of my garage!) 🙂


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