Won’t I be wasting money?

I am often asked this question by a participant’s in my CVS 101 “Coupon Workshops“, “Why would I spend money on something that I don’t need?”

The simple answer is “to get something that you do need”. For example, let’s take the Breeze 2 Diabetes monitors below. Walgreen’s had the following promotion a few weeks ago:

FREE Crest Pro-Health when you buy a Contour Meter

Do I need a glucose monitor? No…not necessarily.

Here’s my rule for purchasing items I don’t need- The benefit of my purchase must out way my out-of-pocket cost. If I can get more than one item for what I would pay for one then I am willing to give it s try.

Now back to the scenario

I bought (3) Breeze 2 Monitors on sale @ $14.99

(I had (3) save up to $30 off any Contour brand meter coupons from a Sunday insert)

Each coupon deducted the value of the meter less tax

$14.99 x 3 = $44.97

Tax on the (3) meters is $2.69

Here is the logic…

Crest Pro-Health is $3.69 ea.

$3.69 x 3= $11.07

Now I could either pay $11.07 for (3) Crest Pro Health

or $2.69 worth of tax on (3) meters

and get (3) coupons for (3) FREE Crest Pro Health (tax FREE)

$11.07 for 3 Crest Pro Health

or $2.69 for (3) meters and (3) Crest Pro Health.

Now someone who doesn’t know about coupons or who can’t afford to add a meter to their insurance will get a FREE meter courtesy of the Proverbs Wife. I have a tower of meters in my stockpile that will be donated this year. I have paid just tax on the meters but the benefit has always outweighed the expense.

Total for everything below before coupons: $233.45
Total after coupons: $6.57
Total saved: $226.88

In addition, each monitor had a mail in rebate that I submitted. I will get back a $14.99 refund for each meter since there is no per household rebate limit. That is a profit of $38.40

Still have question as to why you would buy something that you don’t need? Leave a comment below and we’ll figure it out together.
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