I am so excited about the $1 off 1 Kellogg’s coupons. These coupons will allow us to get a ton of FREE and inexpensive cereal between now and the end of June.

You’d better have a lot of toner because, there are lots of coupons. Here are some links.

* Kellogg’ (print limit 2 per type of cereal)

Now, Kraft was not going to be outdone by Kellogg’s and they have issued $50 worth of high value coupons. Here is the link.

*Kraft (print limit 2 per item)

And once your done getting your (2) Kraft coupons from the link above visit to print another (2) copies of everything you printed at the Kraft site.


And finally, below are some great high value coupons to add to your coupon stash as well.

$3 off any Fast Fixin’s product
$1 off J&J First Aid Adhesive Pads
$1 off Juicy Juice

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  1. I can’t find the $3 fast fixins coupon on that site? I was only able to print .30/1 ??


  2. Another note on the Ritz:
    I just remembered that Target has $1/1 Target Q for Ritz crackers. Stack the store Q with the Manufacturer’s Q for FREE Ritz with possible overage. (That is, if your Publix takes Target Qs, which mine thankfully does!)


  3. Your welcome Saves a Lot. These are some super coupons that will make many item cheap or FREE.


  4. I am going to get my (3) boxes today.I’ll end up paying about $0.78 a box.


  5. Thanks…although I live in Pennsylvania and the stores are some what different…we still have some of the same sales.

    Thanks for the great info, girl!

    Enjoy your day!


  6. Publix has Ritz on BOGO this week, so the printable $1 off coupon makes for a fantastic deal!


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