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Get $25 Per Child in FREE MONEY!!

There are only 56 days left to get your FREE MONEY from College Advantage.


  • $25 Bonus for opening a new College Advantage 529
  • Must open with a deposit of $25
  • Must enter referral number. Send your name and email address to thewifeathome@gmail.com
  • $25 will be invested in your College Advantage account
  • Do NOT need to be an Ohio resident.
  • Expires June 30th 2010


:: Refer a friend and get an additional $50 for every account they open


First, I opened an account for my oldest child with a $25 and received a $25 bonus within 7 days.

**Transaction #1**

Child #1 – $25 Deposit + $25 Opening Bonus=100% Return on Investment

Then, I referred my husband and he opened an account for my three younger children each with a $25 deposit.

**Transaction #2**

Child #2 – $25 Deposit + $25 Opening Bonus=100% Return on Investment
Child #3 – $25 Deposit + $25 Opening Bonus=100% Return on Investment
Child #4 – $25 Deposit + $25 Opening Bonus=100% Return on Investment

Each child received a $25 bonus in their accounts.


Because I used the account referral link for Child #1 to refer my husband, College Advantage deposited $50 to Child #1’s account, for each of the (3) completed referrals.

Child #1’s Referral Bonus :: $50 x 3 = $150 FREE CASH FOR COLLEGE

$25 (Initial Deposit)
+ $25 (Sign Up Bonus) + $150 ($50 Referal Bonus x 3) = $200

Where else can you make $175 for only a $25 investment?

What are you waiting for email me today for a referral link and start a college fund for your loved one today.

This is a great Christmas gift because you can open an account for any child. You do not need to be their parent. You can make yourself the owner or make their parent the owner.

You also get deposit cards that can be given to friends and family members allowing them to make contributions to the account of any child.

Visit College Advantage to learn more.

Want a referral code? Email me (thewifeathome@gmail.com)
Offer Expires June 30th 2010

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