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Future Plans for this Site

I have been in the market for a new webhosting site since January but the more I research the more confused I become. When looking over the hosting packages I see a lot of unfamiliar tech jargon that does absolutely nothing to aid me in making a choice between one web host or another.

I know what I want to see on this page but to get it from inside of my mind onto the computer screen escapes me.

I would like to have more functional pages that would make navigating the site much easier. At the very least, I’d like to see a consistency in between my webpage template and webpage button.

My main goal is to make the site functional and user friendly. I would love to get your feedback on some ideas that you may want to see implemented here at “A Proverbs Wife”. This site is as much yours as it is mine.

We are all on a journey to save money and care for our families. I’d like to make accessing the resources here as simple as possible.

So now is the time to chime in? What are some other functions you’d like to see here at “A Proverbs Wife?” Your feedback would help greatly in selecting a webhosting site and webpage designer when it comes time to revamp the layout.

I appreciate all of the emails and comments that you guys leave. They are what helps make this site a success.

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3 thoughts on “Future Plans for this Site

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    I like the previous layout too Alisa. I changed it because of the font. I was told that readers were having a hard time copying and pasting it. I was told that the words would paste in a tiny font for some reason.

    Thanks for your feedback Alisa.


  2. I like the content on your site. However, I miss the feel of the previous layout. Although, the new colors are great.


  3. I love your site, and I just hope that you continue to post articles on homemaking in addition to the frugal shopping articles.


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