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May 6th Kroger Trip

38 McCormick Grill Mate Seasonings $1 ea.
-used (38) $0.50 coupons
38 FREE after coupons

4 Soft Soap $1 ea.
-used (4) $0.35 coupons

4 for $1.20 or $0.30 each after coupons

10 Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce $3.39 ea
(7 shown)
-used 10 Country Bob FREE coupon
10 FREE after coupons
Courtesy of Al Malekovic and all the folks at Country Bobs!
Thanks Al!!

3 Glade Lasting Impressions Starter Kits $8.99 ea
-used (3) FREE Lasting Impressions coupons from the SC Johnson booklet
3 FREE after coupons

Total Out-of-Pocket $5.40 ($4.20 was taxes)
Attend the next coupon workshop and learn how to get FREE groceries too.

I enjoy visiting blogs and seeing how much my readers have saved. Leave a link or comment below sharing the great deals you found at your grocery or drugstore this week. I love visiting other smart shoppers.
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16 thoughts on “May 6th Kroger Trip

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi Kay,

    I’m sorry to have had you search in the wrong booklet. It was the SC Johnson booklet that had the Glade product coupons. The Glade purchases were from last Sunday 5/3 which were part of the week 1 Publix sale.

    The Plugins were BOGO and I used the $1 off coupon from the SC Johnson booklet. I paid about $1.75 for (2) refills and there was a coupon for FREE warmer inside.

    I updated the link. Sorry for the confusion. Check back next week when I will be hosting a giveaway, one which includes a Glade Warmer with (2) refills and (2) coupons for $$/## more refills.

    Thanks for alerting me to the typo.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Proverbs Wife for the information! I was unable to find the location of the FREE coupon deals. I wonder if ours was a little different. Mine had a coupon for the Silk milk, which I noticed you didn’t mention in your list…wonder if your FREE coupon was there instead of that. By the way were both of those coupons in the book, the one for the refills and for the kit?



  3. Went back to the commissary this morning


    always pantyliners (4) 3.36
    que sauce (8) 4.00
    ragu sauce (6) 5.96
    olay (2) 3.98
    ground turkey (2) 2.00
    picante sauce 1.39
    mr clean eraser (2) 2.98
    veletta cheese 2.61
    total before coupons 26.18

    always (2) @ 1.00 2.00
    ragu sauce (6) @.35 2.10
    olay (2) @1.00 2.00
    eraser 1.49
    store discount .50
    total coupons 8.09

    oop 18.09 before taxes

    saving 30%


  4. You should check out KMart during the Double Q Sales Proverbs Wife! I do pretty good even tho I only have reg. Big K stores here. If you had a Super K(=more variety and FOOD!), I bet you could clean them out!lol

    Jacqueline, I want to add that your commissary haul is AWESOME! Congrats!!


  5. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Far more than diamonds…the name says it all. I love the messsage and purpose of your blog. Thanks for sharing your savings link.


  6. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Thank you Cheap & Sweet for adding your link. You do some amazing things with a sale and a few coupons. I hope that you'll stop by and share your links next Friday.


  7. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hi there Jacquline,

    That os a great deal on the Ragu and BBQ sauce. The fact that the commissary allows coupons on cases is awesome.

    Keep the savings coming!


  8. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Slugmama you are so craaazzy.lol! It’s so hard for me to get everything in the picture most times.

    I was so pleased to get seasoning for FREE. I hardly find deals like those.

    Thanks for linking and you are tempting me to shop Kmart with all of your awesome hauls.

    Thanks Again.


  9. Oh, I am jealous over all those Grillmates!lol I’m waiting on the stores here to put those on deep sale. Heck, I’d settle for mustard on deep deep sale.lol

    I love how you ‘arrange’ the items in your pictures. You can tell you put alot of thought and effort into it.
    It’s Art, I tell ya, ART! 😉


  10. jacqueline says:

    went shopping at the commissary today, well low and behold they were have a case lot sale.

    here are the great deal

    family size ragu .99 (4) 3.96
    kraft bbq .50 (4) bogo 2.00
    olay face wash 1.99 (1) 1.99
    magic erase 1.499 bogo 1.49
    giant size lysol wipes (220 wipes per container) .99 for 2 (4) 3.96
    brown mix .60 (10) 6.00
    green saver tissue .69 (1) .69
    easy mac bogo .74 (1) .74
    frosted flakes 1.99 (2) 3.98
    always pantyliners .84 (2) 1.68

    total before coupons 26.59

    coupons used

    rago .35 (4) – 1.40
    bbq .50 (2) 1.00
    panty liners 1.00
    cereral 1.00 (2)2.00
    olay 1.00
    eraser 1.49
    tissue .69
    wipes 1.00 (2) 2.00
    brownies 1.00 (2)2.00
    easy mac .74
    total 13.32

    oop before taxes 13.27

    i bought other things, but these are some of my greatest savings at the commissary

    my total bill would have been 222.67
    however, it was only 160.00 after all the coupons and in store saving with was 62.67 total in savings.

    that was 29% of my bill, much better that last time.

    by the way, i am going back of tomorrow, because some the the deals have a limit of 4. I will post tomorrow.


    5 crest toothpaste 5.00
    1 oral b toothbush .75
    total 5.75 before taxes

    (5) .50 on totals 2.50
    .75 on toothbrush .75

    total 3.25

    oop 2.50 before taxes


  11. cheap&sweet says:

    Thanks for the invite hope to learn more from your blog as I am just stating out feel free to leave a meassage any time


  12. farmorethandiamonds says:

    Proverbs Wife.. thanks for the invite to see your page! I’m looking forward to reading around your page!


  13. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Hey Grits Girl,

    My Kroger does limit the amount of same type (IP) coupons only. The limit is (2) per item type. They don’t limit manufacturer Q’s.

    I got the McCormicks from the Publix “Save Money Save the Planet” booklet.

    I have been picking up 5-7 booklets over the last (2) weeks on each shopping trip.


  14. The Proverbs Wife says:

    Thanks Margery I’ll check my Publix tommorrw to see if I have the same price. Thanks!!

    Be sure to tell me when you start your blog.


  15. GritsGirl says:

    Does your Kroger not limit the amount of the same coupon you can use per transation? How did you get so many of the same coupon?


  16. Anonymous says:

    You can also get overage at Publix buying Reach Floss:

    Regular Reach Floss is $1.49, regular price.
    Use the $1 off any Reach Item from the new green flyer. Combine that with the 50c off anyReach Floss, Toothbrush, or Listerine exp. 12/31/09 93/15/09 SS)


    (P.S. I want to start a blog this summer!)


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