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Publix May 12th Shopping Trip

Here is this weeks line up of savings at my house. I shopped on Monday to finish up my purchases from the Publix May 6th-12th sale week. Here’s what I bought.

7 boxes of back to nature cookies $0.99 ea
1 box of trail mix FREE
2 packs of Hebrew national franks $1.49 ea
2 pks. of jello pudding $0.50 ea.
3 lbs. baby peeled carrots $2
4 Philly Cream cheese $0.62 ea
3 Thomas English muffins $0.49 ea

I used these match-ups to get these prices.

For everything above I paid $34.30. I bought a total of 23 items. $20.78 of the $34.30 total above was for 3 packages of London Broil bought on sale for $1.99 a lb.

So what I paid for everything aside for the meat was $13.52. That’s an average of $0.66 per item.

Below I purchased 18 J&J First Aid products, (1) cover Girl eyeshadow & (2) Dr.Scholls inserts. The only thing I paid for was the Dr.Scholls. I paid $4.62 for both Dr. Scholl’s.

Finally, I stopped at Walmart and bought (6) pounds of strawberries, (3) Bounty-FREE, (1) Capri Sun $0.99, (16) Granola bars $2 and (2) Saluda white tea $2.

I paid $15.02

Now it’s your turn. Please share a link to your weekly purchases and savings. All smart shoppers are welcome. If you don’t blog leave a comment below sharing your savings from this week.

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2 thoughts on “Publix May 12th Shopping Trip

  1. Mommy Saves ALOT!!! says:

    Great Job getting all those goodies for a cheap price!


  2. So, I was just wondering: do you usually shop with or without kids? Do you make your shopping trips all in the same day, or spread out during the week. I usually have at least one or two kids with me.


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