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This Weeks Publix Trip

I had a wonderful day this past Wednesday shopping with my Mother and Father in Love. We went to PUBLIX…of course and bought (3) buggy’s (southern terminology for shopping cart) full of groceries.

This was their first time shopping with me and we were doing three huge transactions. So, there we are… in the store, all of our shopping carts in a neat row, as not to block traffic, with our coupons in hand.

By the end of out trip each shopping cart was overflowing with FREE and inexpensive goodies. Passersby were shocked and amazed.

I was asked several times did I teach workshops and of course I had my cutesy info cards that I freely handed out along with a coupon for something FREE or inexpensive. Several of my new friends left with cheap charcoal, pork or pasta and an invitation to visit my FREE money saving website.
We arrived at the store in one truck but left in two. We just had that much stuff that it all couldn’t fit in one truck.

I could see how nervous my MIL was beginning to look as the carts began to overflow. She really began to sweat as she saw the shopping total climb higher and higher. I will say that my mother and father in law had some of the biggest smiles I’ve ever seen when we left the store.

Her total before coupons was about $165 and after…a little over $26. My total was about the same before taxes and $35 after.
I didn’t see my father in loves receipt but I know that he saved a ton as well. My father in love had shopped for a friend in their town and she couldn’t believe that we got everything on her list plus many extra items. She thought the $40 wouldn’t cover everything, but it covered everything she wanted plus some other items that were dirt cheap with coupons.

not shown (1) more 12pk of Dr.Pepper

Total Before Coupons and Sales: $192.30
Total after Coupons and Sales: $41.49
Total Saved: $150.45 or 78%

What was FREE?

3 packs of $6 Pork
12 pack of Glad Saran Wrap
18 pk of X-tra large eggs
1 Gallon of Milk
3 Kraft BBQ sauce
5 Potato Chip Dips

To see what coupons I used for these deals click here

Now you know how much I love visiting your savings posts. So go ahead an leave your link. I have met so many nice bloggers last week and am looking forward to meeting more this week.

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3 thoughts on “This Weeks Publix Trip

  1. Iheartpublix says:

    I LOVE looking at all the pics–great job this week!


  2. Great Job on your trip! I’m loving the deals at Publix. I continue to be amazed at the deals, especially the FREEs!


  3. Wahoo! That is wonderful!!! I’m so glad that you got to spend that time with your family too.

    My best so far has been from Bi-Lo on Sunday. I already shared that with you but I’ll share with your other readers… I spent $12.XX and saved $104.XX (I think somwhere in those ranges). I got a ton of bbq sauce and things to stock up for summer cookouts and snacks and things to pack for our lunches at work. The Publix deal was wonderful too with the charcoal that I NEED for my husband’s surprise b-day party, the pork, the saran wrap, etc.

    I just love these posts. Can’t wait to see what everyone else saved.


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