HomeMaking (Repost from 9/07)

Do you get the itch?…You know…the itch. The itch is the small nagging voice in your head that begins to tell you “Working out side of the home would be so much better.” If so, What compels you to entertain these thoughts? Is it financial strain? Or could it be boredom? Are you feeling that maybe you are not fit to be a SAHM?
Each person must make the decision for themselves…but as long as my children are not adults I will be at home. If I decide to return to work this list will be somewhat of a checklist of requirements that must be fulfilled prior to returning to work. As you all know I am reading many books pertaining to “Homemaking” being a business…and I am learning more and more about homemaking everyday. I enjoy keeping my home organized which has led me into mentoring young ladies and wives on the proper care of the home. Below is a list.
1. Do you have a morning routine in the house?
2. Are your dishes washed and put away?
3. Is your cabinet top clear?
4. Is your table clear, when not dining, and do you have a centerpiece?
5. Have you cleaned your cupboards and storage areas and fridge in the last 3 months?
6. Is your porch clean and the entry way cheerful for visitors or people who see it from the road?
7. Are your carpets clean?
8. Is your floor clean?
9. Is your living room ready for company?
10. Is your laundry washed, folded, ironed and put away? (Keep in mind, I am not saying you have to do this. I am only listing it in case you think you have time to bring in another income!)
11. Is your mending and button replacement caught up?
12. Do you bake bread? (Once again, no one HAS to do it, but if a woman is bored, maybe she should bake her bread. It takes more time. It smells wonderful. It has far greater effects than can be listed here, both emotionally and physically or even involving childhood memory)
13. Is your bathroom shining clean and does it smell nice?
14. Does your house smell nice?
15. Have you re-decorated or re-arranged in the last 3 years? (You need not do it, but if you think you need to go to work or take on extra work earning money at home, why not put the time into re-beautifying your house?)
16. Are your beds made? Are your sheets and bedding fresh?
17. Do you hang your clothes on the line? (You needn’t, but it takes more time, and is good for your health and it actually increases the life of your sheets and clothes, as opposed to the dryer)
18. Do you grow a garden, or even a tomato in a pot?
19. Are your drawers and storage areas organized?
20. Are your photos organized?
21. Are your computer files organized?
22. Is your correspondence caught up?
23. Do you make any of your own clothes?
24. Does your husband ever have to ask for an ironed shirt?
25. Are your books organized?
26. Do you go through your things regularly for garage sales?
27. Are your windows clean?
28. Do you cook regular meals from basic ingredients?
29. Have you had anyone over for tea or dinner in the last month?
30. Do you read at least one good book or learn something new within the year?