Show & Tell: Finding Peace at Home

This morning I am sharing some images from one of my favorite “Home Keeping” activities. Gardening is fun and very rewarding if you enjoy watching God’s beautiful creation change before your eyes.

For example, today this bud is closed and I have no idea what color the bloom will be or what it will look like. I tend to plant things and forget about them, but very soon I will go outside into the garden and in the place of this bud will be a brightly colored bloom.

Here is the bloom from a Hosta.

These are beautiful Asiatic Lillies in pink
and red.

These Pink Sisyku were added to my flower gardens this Spring. They are a fast spreading flower and a repeat bloomer. These produce new blooms every morning and love direct sunlight.

I planted these Purple Liatris two summers ago and finally they are showing their beautiful colors.

And finally, below are some really inexpensive yet beautiful additions for any flower garden. I have two varieties of Lantana.

First are my Red Spread Lantana…

and my Peaches and Cream Lantana.

I hope that you have enjoyed a tour of my garden to end your week. Have a happy and peaceful weekend.
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