Weekly Shopping Trip: 6/13

Total Before Coupons & Savings: $88.71
Total After Coupons & Savings: $27.42

Total Saved: $61.29

This weeks and last weeks Publix deals were a mother’s dream come true. With the children out of school for the summer I like to be creative in preparing meals that are healthy and exciting. Not even I like eating the same thing every day.

Yogurt will work great for morning smoothies. The neat thing is not only did I get the smoothies but the tops are filled with individually packaged candy treats. The manufacturer would like me to throw the candy into the yogurt, but I’ll pass on that idea. Instead they will be great for sweets snacks on our trip to Orlando.

Processed mac and cheese meals are always a winner with my children and are a great lunch when eaten in moderation. They’ll get plenty of veggies with dinner to stave off any constipation.

It’s amazing…Now that my pantry is coming along so well I am able to focus specifically on stocking my pantry with sale items. My families weekly needs list has shrunk dramatically. No longer are we shopping to fill immediate need, but we are shopping to replenish what we have stored up.

It is so liberating to be able to choose the price that I am willing to pay for items. A stockpile allows me to stock up when I don’t need an item, at a prices that’s really low. It frees me from having to paying an inflated price on an item simply because I waited to buy the item when I needed it. There are certain items we all know we’ll need every month and it no longer make sound financial sense to me to wait until I run out of an item to buy it.

I am so humbly blessed to be able to better steward the finances that God has placed under our authority. It is my honor to manage the money that God provides my husband with.

I hope that you had a prosperous shopping week and thank you for supporting
“A Proverbs Wife”
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