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Cleaning Floors

I wash my floors the old fashioned way. You won’t find a Swiffer Wet Jet mop in my cleaning closet. What you will find is a bucket, cleaning clothes and a basic household cleaner.

NOPE!! I don’t own a mop either. I did tell you that I clean my floors the old fashioned way meaning I hand wash every inch of my floors. I clean my floors this way by choice. I don’t like dealing with mops since I find that they push any left behind trash around. The other reason is that I don’t like cleaning a mop after each use.

Now that I am getting older, I don’t enjoy putting the extra strain on my back that comes with hand washing a floor. I have come up with a new improved way to mop that is easier on the back.

1# Fill a bucket with HOT!! water and add your favorite household cleaner.

2# Grab your broom and a house cleaning towel.

3# Submerge your broom into the bucket of hot water. Lift the broom out and shake off any excess water.

4# Begin swishing the floor with your broom, stopping to re-submerge the broom in between areas. Be sure to use the broom bristles to brush up spills or dried food.

5# Now drop your towel on the floor. Use the towel and one foot the dry up the water.

Not only do you end up with a clean floor but a clean broom as well.

I would love for you to share your method for cleaning floors and how often you clean them.

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8 thoughts on “Cleaning Floors

  1. I work in a restaurant and we “deck scrub” our floors at night and squeegee them with the water going down the floor drain. This solution seems to be the next best thing for the home. I have been looking for a brush like we use at work for home use but I think your idea is just what I needed! thanks!


  2. rhymingrealtor says:


    I just put the search Wet the broom in google to see if any one beside me washes their floors this way… Yes I always did hands and knees but after 48 or so that just wasnt working for me .. I throw the water down and start with the dry broom that ends up wet its sweeping and mopping in one step.. pick up the wet dust gathered in the middle and dry the rest with and old towel by foot what agile feet I have aquired at this age !


  3. Stephanie says:

    I have a Swiffer sweeper that I love becuase it does a great job getting up dog hair. I have lots and lots of hardwood flooring that would kill me if I did on my hands and knees too often. I use a microfiber mop with a removable pad but do the bathroom floors the old fashioned way!


  4. Wow, that's a really great idea! When I was mopping the other night (plain ol' mop and bucket gal that I am), I was wracking my brain for a better way of doing it. I am definitely going to try your way! Thanks! πŸ™‚


  5. Shona Christine says:

    Swiffer's are not allowed in my house either. I've been scrubbing the floor on hands and knees with a brush, but I like the idea of using the broom. Can you share what kind of broom you use?

    Thanks for the idea!


  6. Blessed Steps says:

    I also like to clean my floors by hand. (although it puts alot of stress on my back). I use microfiber cloths (one to wash and a couple to dry). Using the broom is a good idea. The tiles on my kitchen floor are hard to clean and I end up scrubbing til' I sweat. Thanks for the tip. I will try it today.


  7. I have to admit… swiffer! You are right though I don't think that the swiffer does as good of a job as a hand cleaning. I do hand clean every once in a while but it is mostly in the hard to reach places.


  8. Karen & Gerard Zemek says:

    My husband uses Spic-n-Span to clean the dining room and kitchen floors once a week. He doesn't use a mop either. Just a bucket and I think a sponge down on his hands and knees.

    I like your broom idea and will share it on my Friday "Things I Learned This Week" post at http://www.zemeks.blogspot.com.


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