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Clutter Free Kitchen

Does your kitchen look like this?…..

If so, this decorating style may be the culprit keeping you from cooking from scratch. This may be an extreme example, but if your counters are littered with gadgets or pretty odds and ends you may be experiencing the same results.

I’ve realize how much wiser I have become with each passing year. I remember when I used to drool over those pretty kitchen photos in the catalogs…the ones with the beautifully arranged counters full of fresh cut flowers, bowls of lemons and all of the latest gadgets.

I have in the past and do at times still adorn my counters with fresh cut flowers, but no longer do I yearn for the beautifully cluttered counter tops in magazines.

I have learned that in order to posses a ready to cook kitchen it must be free of clutter.

A good example of my kitchen organization style is demonstrated in example picture #3 from this post. I still enjoy looking at pictures of kitchens in magazines for inspiration since I do decorate my counters for hospitality purposes, but no longer are the kitchens in the magazine my norm.

In order to adjust to life with clutter free counter space you must identify the purpose for your kitchen. Kitchens are designed for cooking. We must treat our kitchen like we would our office space at work. We should design it to work efficiently to meet our cooking needs.

Items in the cabinets should be placed in such a manner that makes your job in the kitchen easier.

Consider moving things to different location within the kitchen until you find the place where you access each item with as less exertion of energy as possible.

Things that are not used often should be placed in the back part of deep pocketed cabinets or up high.

Finally, instead of using counter space to display gadgets, begin to display fresh bread breads, pies or cakes. Grab a pretty dish, line with a cloth napkin or doily and arrange a dozen fresh baked muffins on it.

Take a look at how much counter space is gained in this before and after kitchen photo. The after kitchen nook can now be used to display fresh baked breads or muffins on a crystal bread dish.

Please share one thing holding you back from cooking more meals from scratch?

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3 thoughts on “Clutter Free Kitchen

  1. I cook for my family of 7 from a very small kitchen. Only what is essential can go in there. Things that are pretty have to also be functional. A few years ago I read a library book about small kitchen spaces-The Itty Bitty Kitchen Handbook. It had some good suggestions. So, to answer your question, it's space. But I do cook from scratch alot to save money and eat healthier. In the photo links you showed-I have to say I am more drawn to the 2nd kitchen because it has a little interest/personality without being too cluttery.


  2. I started rethinking how I organized my kitchen a few years ago. One of the ideas that I ran with and has changed the way I cook is creating a baking station. I have a counter and kitchen area that is dedicated to baking. All most often used baking items are in labeled matching canisters, the measuring cups are in the drawer right underneath and the oven is right behind me. I bake all the time just because I reorganized and streamlined this part of my kitchen.


  3. Glad to see your comments box is working again! Lovely kitchens. My kitchen is pretty tidy except for the corner where my coupon box, sale flyers, every-running grocery list, etc. live. Where do you keep your coupon stuff?

    I'd love to see a post sometime on your compost pile. This is something I've wanted to do, but just hasn't moved up high enough in the priority list.



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