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As Keepers at Home it is so important to invest in products that will make our task of cleaning the home easier. I get a bit frustrated when I buy a product that promises to achieve a result yet falls short of producing the desired outcome.

So when I was contacted about reviewing the product Smelly Washer, I was skeptical to say the least. Although the name would lead you to think that this product is just a Washing Machine Cleaner, it actually does so much more. This product not only cleans your washer and rid it of any odors, but it rids clothes of odors as well.

I use cloth shower curtains in my bathrooms. They are designed with a water absorbing material on one side. The purpose of the material is to prevent water from exiting the shower. Since the curtain absorbs water it must be allowed to dry. Try explaining that to a 15, 8, 7 and 5 year old. When I tell them that they must extend the shower curtain after showering in order for it to dry, they respond with blank stares.

Over time the shower curtain has acquired a moldy scent which bothers me. I have washed the curtain, even going as far as adding my favorite scent of Lysol all purpose cleaner the the wash water. The result was a mildew and mountain fresh scented shower curtain.

But lo and behold…I washed the curtain with Smelly Washer and the odor is gone.

The site has a page that has some great odor removal tips. You can also find other uses for the product such as using it to clean mold from your windows or dirt and odor from your dishwasher. If this product can clean the mold from my windowsills, I will really be shocked. I have tried countless products to do the job and none have removed the black mold completely. So stay tuned for those results in a future homekeeping post.

Finally let’s look at cost:

One 12 oz. bottle cost $16.99 + $5 S/H. It offers 24 treatments which is equivalent to just 1 level cap or 1 tablespoon. If you buy more than (1) bottle in a single order there is no additional shipping and handling charge.

Here’s the breakdown:

(1) bottle $21.99 or .91¢ per treatment
(2) bottles $38.98 or .81¢ per treatment
(3) bottles $55.97 or .72¢ per treatment

You can save an additional 10% by using promo code: proverbswife

Smelly Washer is not a product that I recommend be used in every wash cycle or for every house cleaning task due to the cost. However this is a product that I am sure will remain on my shelf for those jobs that involve mildew, mold, tough odor, fungus and allergens. A product that can successfully eliminate these issues is well worth every penny. I have to children who suffer from allergies and experience asthma like symptoms. Being able to use a product that is free of dye and fragrance is important. The fact that it delivered what it promised is great.

I was amazed with this product and happy when the makers of Smelly Washer provided (2) bottles for me to giveaway here at “A Proverbs Wife”.

Are there any Proverbs Wives out there who would like to win a bottle of Smelly Washer?

Here are the rules:

Two lucky “A Proverbs Wife” readers will get a FREE bottle of Smelly Washer.

The winner will be chosen and announced on July 23rd, 2009.

To enter for a chance to win leave a comment answering the question “What is the hardest thing to clean around your house?”

Contest Ends July 22, 2009 at 11 p.m.

If you don’t win and would like to purchase a bottle of Smelly Washer use promo code: proverbswife and save 10% of of your order.

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