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The Winners…

Of the Smelly Washer giveaway are Slugmama who left the following comment

We have 3 dogs….three INSIDE dogs!lol
Two of them sleep in their crates in the family room. The crates have old blankets in them. The little dog sleeps with #2 son but has a doggy bed she naps in during the day in the family room. I’d have to say the dog bedding plus #2 son’s comforter(that the little dog sleeps on at night) are the hardest things to keep clean. And keeping those things smelling clean & fresh is a bigger chore!

and Seige who left the following comment

The hardest thing to clean by far is the shower stall and sliding glass doors. I’ve gone through countless Mr. Clean erasers trying to get the grooves in the floor clean!

Email me your mailing address ASAP so that I can forward it to the makers of smelly washer. Thank you to all who participated.
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