Cleaning Buckets

A super time saver around my home is the use of buckets pre-stocked with cleaning supplies. We have wet buckets and dry buckets. The wet buckets are stored in or close to the bathrooms. The wet buckets are solid because they are used in rooms that require mopping as part of our clean-up routine. The dry buckets can be slotted since they won’t be filled with water.

Both types of buckets are filled with everything necessary to clean the area. Every bucket is filled with an all purpose cleaner, washcloths, paper towels, glass cleaner, a few plastic bags and air freshener. The dry buckets include furniture polish. The wet buckets include a tub and tile cleaner.

Some creative alternatives for using a bucket could be mini wastepaper baskets or plastic planters. Buckets sell for .25¢ – .50¢ each at yard sales.

Having a pre-stocked bucket for each cleaning area…
– cuts down having to search for supplies.
– allows you to do a quick clean while you wait for the bath to fill.
– allows you to always have your cleaning supplies nearby.
– multiple areas of the house can be cleaned at once…no one is waiting for supplies.

Share one thing you do to make keeping the home clean easier for yourself?