Laundry 101: Keeping White Clothes White



Having trouble keeping your whites white? Here are 6 steps to brightening your whites.

  1. Fill the washer with HOT water.
  2. Add laundry detergent and bleach
  3. Add white clothes to washer, making sure to pre-treat any visible stains.
  4. Let the clothes agitate for for 2 minutes and then shut off the washing machine. After this step I also unplug my washer.
  5. Allow clothes to soak for two hours or overnight.
  6. Turn on washer an allow clothes to run the rest of the cycle.

This is how I wash my white clothes. If I am washing multiple loads of clothes I wash the white clothes last.

On some days I complete steps #1 – #5 before going to bed and start the washer first thing in the morning.