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What To Do With All That Newspaper

If you are coupon on a regular basis, then you probably have a ton of newspapers coming in to your home each week. Much of my weekly stack is used in my compost bin and gardens as mulch, however some of it is used to make fun home school activities for the children’s education.

We spent the afternoon proving that paper could actually be used to build a sturdy shelter.

We also focused on three and five sided shapes used to build our shelter. There at the base of our structure is the pentagon.

We found the instruction for our shelter in the latest issue of Family Fun magazine on on page 28. You can also access the instructions on line here.

The children really enjoyed working together on this project.

They will spend the rest of the afternoon adding a roof for their shelter, using sheets of newspaper.

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1 thought on “What To Do With All That Newspaper

  1. The Activity Mom says:

    Fun! A great use for newspapers!


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