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Bank Bonuses: It Pays to Save!!

You may be wondering why I have been posting about bank bonuses as of late. Well, the answer is, because it’s a great way to earn money and try out new banking services. This year I have opened several bank accounts. All of which has earned me money.

    Why Do Bank Offers? Opening online accounts is very easy and can be completed in under 10 minutes. The bonuses are usually deposited within a few days versus 30 like some offers state. Banks are literally rewarding you for trying their service, being as though many allow you to close the account at any time. Most of all, it’ an effortless way to earn cash.

    How Do You Manage Multiple Accounts? I use a FREE downloadable and editable excel spreadsheet created by PTMoney.com. Another option would be the FREE software offered by Quicken. Each time I open a new account I add the name of the account, account number, password, and balance to a line on my spreadsheet.

    Doesn’t This Affect My Credit? You can check with the bank to see if they do a hard pull or a soft pull. “Hard Pulls will affect your credit, while Soft Pulls will not. If it is a bank that will only do a soft pull when opening your new account, then this will not have an effect on your credit!

    Things To Remember Make a copy of the offer or save the web page. Make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions. You must be referred to get the bonus.

    How do I earn money after opening the account? After opening many of these account you will be able to refer others. Start by referring your spouse and adult children. Each referral program is different. Some offer cash in the form of gift cards others make deposits directly to your existing account.

    Are you ready to make some money?

    ING Savings ($25 Bonus) click here
    ING Electric Orange Checking ($103 Bonus) click here
    College Advatage ($100 Bonus) click here

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