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$ off $$ Coupons

Here is another installment of Frequently Asked Question Friday. Today’s question is regarding those sought after $/$$ coupons that are often coveted by CVS and Publix shoppers. Here is the question…

Can I use a money off coupon (ex. $5/$30) if my total after coupons is below the threshold.

If the coupon explicitly states “$3 off $50″ with no other expressed conditions then you should be able to use the coupon even if your total falls below the minimum purchase amount.

If the wording on the coupon says “BEFORE DISCOUNTS” or something to that affect you should still be able to use the $/$$ coupon. The cashier may argue that your coupons give you a discounted price, however, coupons are not a discount, they are a METHOD OF PAYMENT.

Again, here is where it is important to remind them that coupons are a method of payment. In fact, most stores are reimbursed the face value of the coupon + .08 handling. They are paid cash for the value of every coupon they submit to the manufacturer, not given a discount.

So, you can politely say “I am purchasing $50 worth of stuff, I am just using coupons as my partial method of payment. The store will be paid the full value of the $50 in coupons that I am redeeming, plus more.”

If the coupon explicitly states “can not be used in conjunction with any other coupon”, then no other coupons can be used with the coupon.

Most $/$$ coupon can be used with other coupons. Most cashier already understand that they are to take into account your before coupon total. To avoid running into a cashier rejecting your $/$$ coupon, simply hand that coupon over first. Handing over your $/$$ coupon first is actually the rule when using them at CVS.

I hope this clarifies the use of $/$$ coupons.

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