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I haven’t participated in “Tackle it Tuesday” in over a month and I thought that it would be fun to tackle two things at once.

After this post I will have emptied my computer photo folder of a few pictures and also shared how I store the almost FREE soap that I get thanks to Johnson & Johnson.

I had stacks of soap piling up in my laundry room and thought that it would be more effective if I stored it closer to where it’s needed most.
We gathered all of the soap into a laundry basket and carried it upstairs.

My children and I began be removing all of the bars of soap from their tiny boxes. Then we removed the mesh covering from each bar of soap.

We then divided the soap into three’s so that an equal amount could be stored in each bathroom.

Finally, we placed them in gallon sized zipper bags and stored them in each bathroom.

Now, I am off to delete that copies of these pictures from my file folder.

May you bless me Lord as I care for my home and the things that you ordained for my stewardship.
Your daughter,
The Proverbs Wife
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7 thoughts on “Reorganizing

  1. Your like me with the photo's on file! When you post your glad you can finally delete the pics. LOL

    Great tackle! And cheap is great for all that. You sure have a lot of soap to last a long time!

    Mom All Day


  2. summur braley says:

    What a good idea!How do you get the soap so cheap?
    Neat blog!


  3. Mommy Saves ALOT!!! says:

    Cool ideas. Love this post. I need to do some reorganizing.



  4. Wow that is a tackle and very smart organizing.

    How did you get the soap almost free?


  5. That's a lot of soap!

    Great tackle. 🙂


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