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We Have Success!

My daughter has conquered her second coupon walk through.

She had a total of 47 items to gather and 47 coupons to keep track of. She went through the isles collecting her items effortlessly only stopping to remove her coupons from her “holding section” to her “use at register” section of her personal coupon organizer.

On this shopping trip she completed her transaction with no assistance from me. I even left the register momentarily only to return and find that she had everything under control.

I am very proud of her and am confident that when she becomes a “Keeper of her own Home” that she will be able to manage her grocery budget successfully.

TOTAL OUT-OF-POCKET: $8.50 +$1.94 (tax)

TOTAL: $10.44 for
17 Bounty paper towels = .50 ea
13 Listerine pocket packs (1 not shown) = FREE
17 Crest Toothpaste = FREE

As soon as we tackle driving, I can send her shopping by herself.

“A Great Leader doesn’t just delegate responsibilities. He/She is engaged in helping others yield positive results by equipping them with the necessary resources to get the job done. His/Her knowledge, experience and trustworthiness are the hallmark of his ability to move others into action.

Lead by Example. A great leader isn’t just a figure head that stands for, “Do as I say and not as I do.” In order to lead by example, you must build trust and win the respect of the people you lead. You must not give advice to others if your own words and action are not in alignment. A truly effective leader is a role model that practices what he preaches.” Sited from “5 Characteristics of a Great Leader”

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2 thoughts on “We Have Success!

  1. The Proverbs Wife says:

    This shopping trip was to Kroger. The items were on a $10/$10 sale. (2) were rainchecks and the other was this weeks sale. I wanted to use my .25¢/1 Bounty before they expired on 8/31


  2. Kudos to your daughter! You are training her well. Was your trip to Publix or another store? Thanks for the post.


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