30 Minutes to a Clean Refrigerator

Begin by laying a towel on the floor on front of the refrigerator.
Next, clear as many kitchen surfaces as possible.
Now, fill (1) side of your kitchen sink or a bucket with hot water and 1/4 cup of disinfectant. (In place of a bucket you can use your refrigerator drawers since you will be washing them during this process anyway)
Begin removing everything from the refrigerator or freezer and placing them on your cleared counters. This includes shelves and drawers.

Using the hot water and a cloth, begin wiping every surface. Now, begin replacing the shelves and drawers but as you return them, be sure to wipe them with the soapy hot water.



Now close the doors and wipe the outer surfaces of the refrigerator. At this point, begin returning the food to it’s proper place.

Use the hot water to wipe the bottom of any sticky jars or containers as you replace food items.



Next, dump out the water, wash and return the drawer (or bucket) to it’s proper compartment.

Now you have clean refrigerator or freezer.

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