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Pre-Thanksgiving Cooking

Sweet Potatoes were .25¢ a pound are Walmart and Aldi, which is a fabulous price. It’s the lowest price you’ll find all year in my area. I bought about 30 or so pounds which will be cooked up and frozen to use throughout 2010.

In an effort to prevent feeling overwhelmed on Thanksgiving I pre-prep  some of my dishes in advance. I know from experience that their is no obvious difference in taste if the sweet potato pie filling is made on Thanksgiving or a few days before. I did not have to cook dinner yesterday since we had leftover lasagna in the fridge, so I used this time to work on sweet potato’s.
This is the filling for the pies.
All bagged up to bake on Wednesday night.
This is my candied yam casserole. It’s smothered in butter, brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet milk, vanilla and concentrated orange juice. This will marinate and be baked on Thursday morning.
I hope that your holiday plans are coming along well.
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2 thoughts on “Pre-Thanksgiving Cooking

  1. You are inspiring! I'm so glad that you put up the picture of the freezer bags. I was wondering what you would put them in! I have thought of doing just this, but have not had the courage. Maybe now I will! Thank you so much for everything you write.


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